Roseanne Carrara is the author of the poetry collection, A Newer Wilderness, and is completing a near-future dystopian detective novel based on her story, “Finder,” in the pulp issue of Taddle Creek. She has received the Malahat Review Long Poem Prize, a National Magazine Award nomination, and grants from the Toronto Arts Council and the Canada Council. Her tweets have been included in the book, Tolstoy Together. Roseanne holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Toronto, where she taught undergraduate courses in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture. She continues to make appearances as a guest lecturer in the Vic One and Creative Writing programs. In addition to her writing and occasional teaching, Roseanne runs the online magazine, Smelling Salts Journal, and has contributed to Plenty and HuffPost Canada Living. She offers professional services as a copywriter, editor, essay coach, and digital creator and prepares writers’ papers and correspondence for contribution to university archives. Roseanne lives in Toronto with her husband, the artist and writer, Blaise Moritz, their two adult children, and their Bernedoodle, Nimue.