A Newer Wilderness

Poems, Insomniac Press

The Stunning Debut Poetry Collection from the winner of the Malahat Long Poem Prize

“Roseanne Carrara’s peoms in A Newer Wilderness actually say something about life today, and they say it in clear, generous, precise registrations. Carrara’s clean sharp lines, at times, extending into long poems and poetic essay, are a welcome breath of fresh air.”
– Sharon Thesen, author of A Pair of Scissors and The Good Bacteria.

In Roseanne Carrara’s A Newer Wilderness, the world’s rich and compelling past buckles and swells beneath our feet, and its abiding influence rises like geothermal steam into the present. Powerful voices from history and legend issue forth and mingle with our familiar, circadian surroundings. These poems serve to remind us that our future need not cost us our past, that our capacity for intellect need not diminish our basic humanity, and that civilizations need not be built at the expense of the natural environment in which they thrive.


ISBN: 1-897178-40-90
ISBN 13: 978-1-897178-409